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“The Electrical Doctor”  Is your electrical system on life support?  Dont pull the plug on your project until you look  over the information available on this website.
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For those of you looking for DIY help on electridal issues, this is the place for you.  Please take the time to look over the videos that we have available to help guide you.  If you need to look at a wiring diagram we have got you covered there as well. 

Why I do this:

There are alot of websites out there that claim to have professionals working on their sites to give you quick accurate information, that is simply not true!  Their focus is on quantity, not quality.  Many of these sites claim to have verified the users information prior to answering your questions, again not  true!  Unless you physically verify information for yourself and not through a third party you will never have the kind of quality control needed to assure the information given is accurate and safe.  When it comes to electrical issues, my belief is that you should never trust an online answer site such as ask.com, pearl.com or even justanswer.com - Just like any corporation they only care about your money, high priced subscription plans and getting rid of you as quicly as possible to maximize profit.

Who am I? 

I am a certified electrical contractor based in central Florida.  I began my career as a residential electrician in PA, received my associates degree in electrical engineering and began running my own business.   When I moved to Florida, I got my contractors license and worked mainly in commercial and industrial wiring.  I still do commercial work, but I also work in the entertainment / tradeshow production business doing temporary electrical installations.  
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