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“The Electrical Doctor”
Have a problem you need help with?

For a small fee, I will help figure out your electrical issues. Need a wiring

diagram? I can help with that too. Just type yoru question into the “Just

Answer” question box and put “For Electrical Doctor Only” in the subject


Do you need help with an installation?

Need help on a current project? Have an electrical issue in your home that you need guidance to help get fixed? Using this option allows for continued back and forth until your issue is resolved. $29.95

Need a wiring diagram to help with a project?

Working on an installation and not sure how to wire it up? Use this option and see how to setup the wiring on your particular installation. $14.95

Have a general knowledge electrical question?

This type of question is a one time response from me on an issue you need a clarification on. $9.95

Why choose me?

I am a certified electrical contractor and have been in the business for over 20 years. I began in residential, moved onto commercial and indusrial wiring and now work closely with the entertainment and trade show industry. I helped over 20,000 customers with their electrial issues. You can trust the advise and direction that I give you to help with your electrical questions.